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Receipt of this document indicates you will read and abide by the guidelines stated. Failure to do so will result in action being taken by the Lighthouse Cottages and Camping.


Thank you for joining us this season and working together to make it as safe and fun as possible!

John and Paula Boyd, Owners

We’re so excited to have you join us during this strange and uncertain time of COVID19. As you all know, the new normal involves some changes and The Lighthouse is no different. We are requiring all folks in our trailer and cottage community to read this risk management document for your safety and ours. It is vital to remember that ultimately, we are all as individuals responsible for our own health and safety. As such, we require everyone to follow the Provincial and Federal government guidelines for health regulation and safety.

We will continue to operate under these pandemic guidelines for the 2020 season until instructed otherwise by the Provincial and / or Federal Government.

Welcome to our trailer and cottage community!

If you have a fever or flu-type symptoms, or have been in recent contact with anyone who either has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID19, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you are a presumptive case or have been in contact with anyone who is a presumptive case, please do not enter The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping grounds. Please remain at your residence for the mandatory 14-day quarantine period. This protocol also affects anyone who has travelled outside of Ontario within two weeks of an intended stay at The Lighthouse.

Each person who stays with the Lighthouse Cottages and Camping is assuming responsibility and liability for their health and safety during their visit. We will do everything within our means to make your stay as safe as possible as we always try to do. We cannot, however, guarantee no exposure to COVID19 from other people on the property or subsequent infection. As per this document, we are not liable for anyone who contracts COVID19 during their stay.

Please Bring Your Own:

Hand sanitizer

We will be providing hand sanitizer in common areas. We will not be providing or stocking masks.

Walking on Site
All folks on the Lighthouse Cottages and Camping property must maintain the recommended 6 feet social distance from anyone outside their immediate group. You may use the local walking trails or roads  if social distancing is possible. Anyone who consistently refuses to follow this protocol will spoken to and if necessary, asked to leave.

Children Under the Age Of 16
Parents are responsible for their children following the COVID19 safety protocol. We expect that any children brought on site are able to follow the rules in order to protect them and others on the grounds. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all time. If children are unable to follow the rules, we ask that you do not bring them to the Lighthouse Cottages and Camping at this time.

Events / Activities
Unfortunately, we are not planning to host our usual community potluck at this time.

Office / Store
Please do not enter the office or store. Please knock on the door and someone will come to greet you and provide as much help as possible.

Respect of staff and others at The Lighthouse Cottages and Camping
It is our responsibility to ensure that the Lighthouse Cottages and Camping is as safe as possible for us to do.  We expect that anyone using the property for the duration of the COVID19 pandemic will follow the safety protocols necessary to protect everyone on the property. If you choose not to follow the protocols, we reserve the right to intervene and take the necessary steps for the protection of everybody.​

No visitors are allowed to the cottages, campsites or trailer sites at this time. Only members of the group who are registered to be on the site are permitted at this time. There will be no exceptions to this.

Common Areas
Public washrooms:    The public washrooms are closed at this time. Please use the facilities in your trailer or cottage only.
Beach:                          The beach is currently accessible. We ask that as much as possible people maintain social distancing from anyone outside their immediate group.

Gazebo:                       The gazebo is available for one group at a time.  Please allow the group to safely leave before entering the gazebo.
Playground:                Please share the playground area and have one group using it at a time. There is no way to maintain social distancing safely in the playground area.
Docks:                          Please allow anyone on the dock to leave safely before going on the dock. Paddle boats, canoes and fishing boats will be available.