Check Out: 11am

Why? We like to make sure that we've got plenty of time to clean and restock the cottages. We also take our campsite / trailer site cleanliness very seriously. 


Keeping the Flame

Great stay! Wonderful owners. The lake is calm, water and beach are super clean, not crowded at all. Loved it!


We are grateful for each and every one of our guests who takes time to visit us at The Lighthouse! You'll find us one of the friendliest and most welcoming cottaging communities in the area :) How do we know this? Our guests tell us so!

We are a family friendly resort.

We are also an inclusive resort.

That means we respect and welcome all kinds of folks from across this great country. We hope that you are friendly and inclusive as well. This makes for a fun time for all!

If, however, you decide not to be so friendly to a fellow guest for whatever reason, we'll have a conversation with you. Depending on how things go, that conversation could include us asking you to pack up early. Perhaps we weren't the right cottaging community for you after all. 

There is no refund of your payment as a result of this conversation.

Keeping It Grateful

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep on Coming!


Share the good news!

Keeping It Tidy

We had such a wonderful time! Paula went out of her way to make sure we were well taken care of so we felt right at home! The camp site was fantastic, the fishing was great and the water was perfect! The bathrooms were the best I've ever seen on a campground, so clean and well stocked! Can't wait to go back next year! Thanks Paula!! ❤


We know that this is your time to relax and have fun. We make every effort to help that happen. One way you can help us? Keep it tidy. What does this mean? 

  • Garbage: please make sure in and around your cottage, campsite or trailer is picked up. We provide garbage cans and recycling boxes for you
  • Cigarette butts: we provide receptacles at the beach and ashtrays outside cottages. Dropping your butts on the ground and leaving them? Please don't. We will speak to you and ask you to clean them up. It pollutes the environment, is unsafe for small children (yes, they've gone in little mouths) and just looks awful. We work hard to keep our resort clean. 
  • Cans and bottles: please do not leave cans or bottles anywhere on the resort. We have provided bins and let's face it, it's a short walk from the beach to anywhere on the resort. Carrying it back to your site won't give you blisters ;)
  • Water Bombs: Nope. Not allowed. Balloons kill birds and fish and result in the Ministry of Natural Resources potentially paying us a visit.

As of July, 2019 we are enforcing a cleaning fee. If your cottage or campsite is left with garbage, etc. or we discover you've been leaving cigarette butts around the property, we will be levying a $50 charge.

Keeping It Friendly

Who doesn't get all nostalgic when they think of camping, cottaging and camp fires? We sure do.

As often as possible, we try to make those memories happen. Sometimes, however, due to weather conditions and fire bans, it's just not possible. In such cases, we will not allow any fires on our property.  If we see you've started a fire during a ban, we will ask you nicely to put it out. Fire bans are clearly posted and we advise all guests when this is in effect.

If the campfire gods favor us, we make sure to have safe wood available. Due to the prevalence of things like the Ash Borer beetle and other pesky insects, we cannot allow outside firewood to come in. We're not trying to make a buck, we're trying to keep the forest safe. If you'd like to travel to somewhere nearby and grab a bag of safe wood, you are more than welcome. Wood you chopped down on your property from home? Sorry, but no.

We are open from May 19th until September 5th.

Drop us a line and  Momma Boyd will be in touch with you within 24 hours!

​​​Need an answer


Check In: 3pm

Why? This gives us time to resolve any issues that might have cropped up, restock our supplies in preparation for who's coming in next and tackle our Boyds-Do list around the property.


Every resort, cottaging community or campsite has policies and procedures. We're no different. After a few years of owning The Lighthouse, we've figured out some simple rules that we ask all our guests to follow. Why? We're all about making sure as many people as possible enjoy their time off the beaten path. If you enjoy laughter, peace and beautiful surroundings, are we the place for you! If you enjoy loud music, disturbing others and generally being a pain in the campfire, we are definitely NOT for you.

Let's go over some of the details shall we?

Keeping Hydrated

What a great weekend. The place is absolutely beautiful cabins are very clean and well equipped. The play ground is safe and a assortment of items to keep kids happy.when they are not at the sandy beach the view of lake from the gazebo in the early morning is stunning. Paula is amazing like a big mother hen making sure her guests are well looked after. If you haven't got it she will get it for you.i highly recommend this place. One weekend there and you will want to back. Thank you Paula for making our visit wonderful we will be back.


Now staying hydrated means different things to different people. If you choose to stay hydrated and wake up with a headache, well, as long as you're quiet after 11pm, you do you. Any other types of hydration such as water, pop or juice are fabulous options!

When you are purchasing ways to stay hydrated we ask that you bring plastic bottles, tetra packs or cans ONLY. We've had a few instances where someone got a bit too hydrated and we've woken up to find broken glass on the beach. This is EXTREMELY dangerous as we have lots of bare feet running around. These feet are attached to bodies that might not notice the brown glass on the brown dirt or the beige beach.

Even better? Bring up some reusable water bottles, fill with your favorite beverage and take it anywhere you'd like!